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Incentives - Primeval - Becker/Connor

Title: Incentives
Pairing: Becker/Connor
Word Count: 1316
Rating: NC-17
A/N: This was written for comment_fic but outgrew the character limit. I'm not entirely sure how the boys managed to get trapped together like this, but I'm sure it involved some ridiculous, dinosaur-filled capers.
Summary: While trapped together in an enclosed space, Becker decided that Connor desperately needed a distraction.

This would be a whole lot easier, Becker thought as he tried to spot a way out of here, if Connor would stop squirming. Of course, wishing for such a thing was like wishing for the sun to stop rising or for him to be able to have one single day off without the Arc calling him in for an emergency: pointless.

"I'm not good with enclosed spaces," Connor said - and with his voice getting higher and his breath getting heavier, Becker was inclined to believe him. "I'm really not good with enclosed spaces. I'd go as far as to say I'm bad with them, to be honest."

"We're going to get out," Becker assured him. He wasn't sure how exactly they were going to do that, but they definitely were: they always did.

"Yeah? How?"

Connor's voice was annoyingly cynical, but Becker had to admit that he had a point. They'd managed to get stuck together at the bottom of some kind of pipe or tube. The space was hardly big enough for one full-grown man to stand, never mind two of them. Pressed with Connor's back against Becker's chest, they were tight for space. "I'm working on that," Becker said. "Just give me a minute."

Connor was silent for approximately one second. "Well?"

Becker hushed him again, his breath filtering against the back of Connor's neck, and that silenced him. It would have been wise for Becker to pretend that he hadn't noticed the way that Connor shivered against him, but one of the best - and worst - things about his training was that he knew how to be observant. He also knew, it had to be said, how to be exploratory. His attention shifted from attempting to locate a way out of here that blatantly didn't exist to exploring instead. His head shifted, enough that it could have been accidental when his lips grazed the back of Connor's neck.

And this time he knew for definite that there was no way he imagined Connor's reaction: a quiet, "Oh god," that quickly left Becker feeling hard.

He'd had - thoughts about Connor before, that much was true. When the young man wandered around in ridiculously tight trousers and always needed Becker around to save his life, it was hard not to. And if, after that damn incident with Connor in his lap in the car, the thoughts had become something more akin to fantasies, Becker had still been remarkably adept at ignoring them - but there was no ignoring this.

His hand curled around Connor's hip, guiding rather than yanking him back against him. Despite the perilous situation they were in, or maybe because of it, he found himself growing hard at record speed. "Is this okay?" he asked, breathing the words quietly against Connor's skin.

"It's - yeah, it's fine. Definitely fine." Connor gave a nervous laugh that faded into a much richer sound when Becker allowed his mouth to linger against his neck, sucking gently at the skin there. "Going way past fine."

"Good," Becker murmured, "because I've been thinking about this for a long while."

"Ah. Getting us trapped down here was all part of your devious plan to get laid, was it?" Connor asked, amusement laced through his voice, and Becker thought that if he could joke about their situation then that was a significant improvement on his previous reaction.

His hand crept around to the front of Connor's body, finding the button on his trousers and flicking it open, easing the zip down. He could feel the hardness waiting there for him when his fingertips brushed against the material of Connor's underwear.

"A plan that seems to be working remarkably well, you'll notice," Becker pointed out, hardly focused on what he was saying as his hand slipped inside the waistband of Connor's pants.

Connor let out a strangled sound as Becker's hand wrapped confidently around his cock. It was a satisfying sound, high and surprised, and Becker couldn't help the instinctual way that his hips thrust forward against Connor's ass when he heard it. Connor's cock was thick and heavy in his grasp and he wished that he could see it. Their tight confinement made that almost impossible and he had no option but to close his eyes and press closer to Connor, imagining how they must have looked together.

The bulky protection of his uniform made it impossible to get as close to Connor as he wanted to. He wished that there was nothing separating them, not even a single flimsy layer of clothing. Becker wanted to feel the heat of Connor's skin against his own and he wanted to torture Connor tenderly until the sweat on their skin made them slide neatly together. He ran his hand up the length of Connor's cock, mapping it with his hand as best he could. Connor trembled under the attention and spluttered incoherent words under his breath, promising Becker the world.

Becker smiled warmly against Connor's skin and stated, "You know, Connor, I am going to fuck you the second we get back to the Arc." There was a confidence and certainty in his voice that startled him, but he managed to plaster over it quickly.

Connor moaned and thrust forwards into the grip of his moving hand. "Really?" he gasped.

Becker's hand tightened to a firmer grip and he began to increase his speed slowly. "Really," he agreed, talking because the sound of his voice made Connor make the most delicious noises. "In the locker room, I think. Maybe the showers. Or maybe both, if you're really lucky." He spoke in a matter-of-fact tone of voice, the same voice he used to direct his men when they were running boring exercises for the day. It was difficult to keep that aloofness right now, but he managed; it made Connor whimper, his hips thrusting blindly to demand more of whatever Becker could give him.

"I'm lucky," he said, voice trembling. "I am really, incredibly lucky."

"I hope so," Becker said, lips curling into a smug smile. "You might not feel it tomorrow, though."

"Yeah?" Connor gasped, but whatever he was about to say next was lost when he leaned heavily against the wall in front of him and moaned loudly, writhing and wriggling so much that Becker thought he might come from the friction of Connor's ass rubbing against his hard-on.

His arm was beginning to acquire a numbness from jerking Connor off at such a speed, but having this sort of control over him made it worth it. "Yeah. I doubt you'll be able to walk or sit down or, well, do anything other than stay in my bed all day."

Connor laughed, something that currently sounded like a cross between a moan and a hiccup, and his body tensed sharply as he suddenly came, spilling hot and sticky within his underwear. Becker held onto him for a few more moments, letting him ride it out as he nuzzled against the back of his neck one last time. When Connor was done, however, Becker slipped his hand out of his pants and wiped it off on the outside of Connor's briefs, leaving him to wriggle back into his trousers with great difficulty considering the lack of space. Connor's panting was heavy and Becker looked up where he could still faintly see sunlight above them.

"Becker? You're not saying anything," Connor said worriedly after far too long had passed. "Are you okay? Is everything okay?"

"Everything's fine," Becker reassured him absent-mindedly. "I'm looking for a way out of here. You just gave me a new incentive to get us rescued, didn't you?" He grinned as he said it and felt rather than saw Connor grinning in return. With that reward to look forward to, it only took him approximately another ten minutes to get them both out of their current predicament.
Tags: challenge:comment_fic, character:becker, character:connor temple, fandom:primeval, pairing:becker/connor
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