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Five Acts - Round Six [Apr. 13th, 2012|12:23 am]
where the daydreams reign


Five Acts – My List

My Five ActsCollapse )

Written for me:
+ Sherlock, John/Sherlock, vampires by miya_morana
+ The Hunger Games, Cinna/Katniss, clothes borrowing by ienablu
+ Luther, Alice/Luther, vampires by hegemony
+ Sherlock, John/Moriarty, creepy levels of possessiveness, endearments by dame_thora_hird
+ Bite My Tongue, The Hunger Games, Cato/Katniss, Vampirism by eternise_moi

Written by me:

+ Appropriate Amenities, Star Trek, Chekov/Kirk, slavery AU, prostitution, tattoos for babylon_pride
+ Metal Chair, Game of Thrones, Daenerys/Drogo, light bondage for miya_morana
+ Tension, The Hunger Games, Cinna/Katniss, wall-shoving for ienablu
+ Appreciation, Sherlock, John/Moriarty, creepy levels of attraction, leather gloves, restraints for dame_thora_hird
+ You Can Leave Your Hat On, Once Upon A Time, Emma/Jefferson, scars, clothing for ozmissage
+ Hand Prints, The Hunger Games, Gale/Katniss, forbidden pleasures for eternise_moi
+ Devotion, Sherlock, John/Sherlock, possessive behaviour for ms_notebook
+ Home Alone, The Hunger Games, Peeta/Gale, first time (without Katniss), fingering for tiptoe39
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A Less Permanent Destination - Sherlock - John/Moriarty [Feb. 17th, 2012|12:54 am]
where the daydreams reign

[Tags|, , , , , ]

Title: A Less Permanent Destination
Pairing: John/Moriarty, hints of John/Sherlock
Word Count: 7400
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: Through S2.
Summary: Moriarty finds the afterlife incredibly boring. After escaping from it, he remembers that life is incredibly boring as well.

A Less Permanent DestinationCollapse )
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To The Victor Go The Spoils - The Avengers - Steve/Thor [Jan. 6th, 2012|01:24 am]
where the daydreams reign

[Tags|, , , , ]

Title: To The Victor Go The Spoils
Pairing: Steve/Thor
Word Count: 3500
Rating: PG-13
Summary: While they're sparring, Thor begins kissing Steve every time he wins. Steve really isn't sure what to make of this.

To The Victor Go The SpoilsCollapse )
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2011 Fic List [Jan. 4th, 2012|12:04 am]
where the daydreams reign

Fic List 2011Collapse )
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Illogical, Dead and Walking - Sherlock - John/Sherlock [Dec. 30th, 2011|05:44 pm]
where the daydreams reign

[Tags|, , , , ]

Title: Illogical, Dead and Walking
Pairing: John/Sherlock
Word Count: 1600
Rating: PG-13
A/N: Written for jaune_chat.
Summary: When the dead start walking, Sherlock is determined to find the logical explanation.

Illogical, Dead and WalkingCollapse )
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Urban Legend - X-men - Charles/Erik [Nov. 30th, 2011|07:35 pm]
where the daydreams reign

[Tags|, , , , ]

Title: Urban Legend
Pairing: Charles/Erik
Word Count: 10,500
Rating: R
A/N: So apparently this is what my mind comes up with when I'm stressing out about uni work. This is loosely based off of a very short ficlet that I wrote on my Tumblr. Modern demonic AU.
Summary: They say that if you stand in front of a mirror and say his name three times Magneto will appear. Charles has never believed in urban legends and he's never been capable of turning down a dare.

Urban LegendCollapse )
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[Five Acts Exchange] My Post! [Oct. 14th, 2011|06:42 pm]
where the daydreams reign


This is my post for the Five Acts Exchange (the master post will be going up shortly!). You post five things you like reading about, then the pairings/fandoms you're interested in, and then we run around indulging each other for a week.

My Five Acts are:

1) Vampires Whether it's a vampire AU, or canon vampires getting their fangs out, I can't get enough of it. Something about vampire/human relationships is delightfully hot.

2) Tattoos. I have such a thing for ink, especially on characters where you (and their partner) might not expect it.

3) Attraction. I just love it when characters are sickeningly, groin-tingling attracted to each other and find even the simplest things about the other person a total turn-on, to the point that it's hard to keep their hands off of each other in public. Requited or unrequited, both are fine with me.

4) Sex pollen. Or "aliens made them do it" or sex magic or having to kiss/more to keep their cover on a crazy undercover job or any kind of wacky sex adventure, to be honest. Silliness and sexiness are good bed partners.

5) Endearments Baby, sweetheart, honey… There's something sweet and domestic about it. As a sub-section, I also love it when men get called feminine adjectives – "pretty", "beautiful", etc. Especially when it makes them squirm.


Angel: Angel/Doyle, Angel/Faith.
Bedlam: Jed/Ryan.
Being Human: George/Ivan, George/Annie, George/Mitchell (pre-series, preferably), George/Daisy/Ivan, George/Annie/Mitchell.
Doctor Who: Craig/Eleven, Amy/Eleven/Rory, Amy/Rory, Eleven/River, Donna/Ten, Donna/Amy, Donna/River, Mickey/Jack, Mickey/Rory, Canton/Eleven.
Dollhouse: Alpha/Echo, Alpha/Victor.
Fright Night: Charley/Jerry, Charley/Peter.
Game of Thrones: Jon/Robb, Daenerys/Jon.
Harry Potter: Harry/Hermione, Harry/Neville.
Heroes: Adam/Monica.
Inception: Arthur/Cobb, Cobb/Eames, Ariadne/Yusuf, Eames/Yusuf.
Lost: Charlie/Desmond, Charlie/Sawyer, Esau/Jacob, Claire/Kate, Claire/Juliet, Kate/Kevin, Kevin/Sawyer.
Luther: Alice/Luther.
Merlin: Gwen/Lancelot, Gwaine/Merlin.
Miranda: Gary/Miranda.
PotC: Jack/Will.
Primeval: Connor/Becker, Connor/Philip, Connor/Cutter.
Ringer: Bridget/Andrew
Sherlock: John/Sherlock, John/Moriarty.
Star Trek XI: Chekov/Kirk, Chekov/McCoy, Chekov/Kirk/McCoy.
Supernatural: Castiel/John, Castiel/Balthazar, Castiel/Lucifer, Castiel/Gabriel, John/Lucifer.
The Avengers: Steve/Tony, Steve/Thor, Clint/Natasha, Clint/Thor, Clint/Steve.
The Walking Dead: Rick/Shane, Lori/Rick/Shane.
True Blood: Eric/Lafayette, Jessica/Hoyt, Alcide/Sookie.
X-men: Scott/Logan, Charles/Erik.

Written By Me:
Doctor Who, Eleven/River, touching for ozmissage
Sherlock, John/Sherlock, size kink for chaosandwhim
X-men, Jean/Scott, special abilities; power issues for jaune_chat
Watchmen, Daniel/Rorschach, Western AU for janie_tangerine
The Avengers, Steve/Tony, D/s AU, mating bond for manic_intent
Star Trek, Chekov/McCoy, prostitution for brighteyed_jill
Angel: The Series, Angel/Doyle, urgency for setos_puppy

Written For Me:
The Avengers, Tony/Steve, Sex Pollen by jaune_chat
Harry Potter, Harry/Neville, attraction by chaosandwhim
Supernatural, Balthazar/Castiel, tattoos, endearments by janie_tangerine
Luther, Alice/John, tattoos by crickets
X-men, Charles/Erik, vampires by manic_intent
Star Trek, Chekov/Kirk, sex pollen by brighteyed_jill
Fright Night, Charley/Jerry, vampires, endearments, attraction by setos_puppy
Lost, Kevin/Sawyer, attraction, endearments by ciaimpala
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Time Ticking Down - Heroes/Supernatural - Adam/John [Sep. 30th, 2011|06:33 pm]
where the daydreams reign

[Tags|, , , , , , ]

Title: Time Ticking Down
Pairing: Adam Monroe/John Winchester
Word Count: 1200
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Canon character death.
A/N: This is my last fic for my kink_bingo card, for the Wildcard square, and is so self-indulgent. Adam/John is my pet crossover pairing.
Summary: Both John and Adam have their separate vendettas. This was never going to end well.

Time Ticking DownCollapse )
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Responsibility Is Just Another Word For Guilt - The Avengers - Steve/Tony [Sep. 27th, 2011|09:27 pm]
where the daydreams reign

[Tags|, , , , , , ]

Title: Responsibility is Just Another Word For Guilt
Pairing: Steve/Tony
Word Count: 2700
Rating: NC-17
A/N: For the "authority figures" square of my kink_bingo card - Tony musing about Steve's authority.
Summary: Tony has never been particularly interested in responsibility. That doesn't mean he isn't interested in Steve.

Responsibility is Just Another Word For GuiltCollapse )
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Skips A Beat - Heroes - Adam/Monica [Sep. 25th, 2011|11:02 pm]
where the daydreams reign

[Tags|, , , , ]

Title: Skips A Beat
Pairing: Adam/Monica
Word Count: 1400
Rating: NC-17
A/N: Written for the orgies/decadence square of my kink_bingo card.
Summary: Monica is determined to recruit Adam to her cause: taking down the Company. Her search for him leads her to an underground club, and an experience she could never have imagined.

Skips A BeatCollapse )
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